PET OF THE MONTH  (November 2013)
This competition is not just for well behaved dogs, but also difficult dogs that have made an improvement in behaviour because here at Precious Paws we pride ourselves with a sympathetic therapeutic approach at all times. 

Winner receives a rossette, treats and a toy

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Bailey has achieved full marks in his improved behaviour well done BAILEY

pet of the month is poppy the poochon for being such a good girl very high maintenance coat being a poodle x bichon but poppy turns up every 5 weeks for her spa session keeping her coat in top notch tangle free condition well done poppy :)) xx
Pet of the month Betty !! From being a puppy Betty has been coming to precious paws every 6 weeks she now does not try bite my scissors!!and now behaves really well while she is having her massage bath clip and style well done Betty !! X


ROSIE suffers from arthritis and comes for her massage to relieve her aches and pains Rosie has improved so much and actually can't wait to get in the bath - - well done Rosie 
Barney the labradoodle he lost his much loved best Friend rebel the Labrador to cancer a few months ago. Barney was depressed but seems to be back to normal. Every six weeks this boy gets groomed and is always full of smiles and kisses xxx
Here we have a gorgeous young winner for pet of the month April 2014. 
Please welcome puppy Jackapoo who was so good for his first puppy spa session