Question: What age can I bring my puppy to you?
We find the earlier the better to introduce your puppy to grooming as your puppy starts learning from a young age.
It's best to show a puppy that it's a happy enjoyable experience otherwise your dog may become fearful of grooming As soon as your puppy has had its last injection he/she can come in.

We ask that your puppy has had it's final vaccinations before it can enjoy it's first professional grooming session.
It is very important that your puppy's first professional grooming experience be a positive one.

A good first grooming session will help your puppy become relaxed during subsequent visits. 
It is vital that your new puppy is happy with the regular bathing, drying and brushing. 
This is necessary to maintain a healthy skin and coat.
Contact us on Tel Mobile 07484 287681 to schedule a puppy grooming visit as soon as your puppy is vaccinated. 
We may be offering a reduced price for puppy's first visit. (please ask).
Your precious puppy will have a rewarding and happy experience in our purpose built dog grooming salon with lots of loving care, kisses and cuddles.

All dogs at Precious Paws are bathed by hydrobath shampoo massage using the best in quality shampoos & conditioners according to the dog's coat and skin type and condition. 

We are happy to apply your own specialist veterinary prescribed shampoos and rinses where required.
Here at Precious Paws, Pets are dried by hand using specialist forced air dryers which help to remove dead hairs and show the skin so that any problem areas can be seen.

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