I have always been a keen baker and I have always had a dog (or two). I have had several dogs with special dietary requirements.
The latest dog is a French Bulldog. She began having problems with her skin, bald patches on her body, itchy ears which she scratched until they bled and paw biting. I carried out some research and found that the symptoms are a common cause of wheat intolerance.
I changed her diet to a wheat free one and within 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference, and within a month her symptoms had gone.
There are lots of sensitive complete foods out there, but a lack of sensitive treats, lets face it we all need a treat. I have designed and tested these on my own pampered pooches and they have been given the paws up.
Precious Paws Treats are made from only the best ingredients and are gluten free.

Five flavours to choose from
- banana and apple
- cheese and flax seed
- peanut butter 
- Bacon and cheese
- Veg and Mint

All our ingredients contain no artificial colours or flavourings

£2.00 per 100g bag or 3 for £5.00
Delivery charges apply

New flavours coming soon.
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